Recent Updates

edda token going to the moon?!:

welcome back boys to up next crypto! today kian brings to you an exclusive interview with mehul patel...

defibench launching unique nft platform for the arts industry:

edda is the native token of the defibench ecosystem, deriving its name from an ancient collection of mythological norse poems. edda token holders will be the primary beneficiaries of the continued usage and growth of defibench, and will ultimately govern the ecosystem in a decentralized manner.

defibench #3d #nft dedicated to the #winklevoss brothers:

we are excited to share our latest #nft dedicated to the legendary winklevoss twins cameron and tyler, featuring #gemini and winklevoss capital.

defibench #mainnet live!:

defibench's mainnet (for its first two platforms) is now live and the smart contracts are undergoing a security audit. this video demonstrates the functionality of defibench's decentralised asset management and #nft platforms

interviewing the ceo of defibench, mike patel: interviewing the ceo of defibench, mike patel. we discuss the future of dex’s, nft’s, and the role of edda token.