DeFiBench Ecosystem

decentralized asset management

vaults deposit your crypto assets into defibench's vaults for automated yield optimization. the crypto assets are allocated across different defi protocols by the smart contracts powering the vaults to maximize the yield for users. there is no lock-in period, and you can withdraw your crypto assets whenever required. upon withdrawal, a 0.5% management fee is deducted from your principal, and a 5% performance fee is deducted from the yield generated, and these fees are distributed to edda token holders. gain deposit your crypto assets into defibench’s gain platform to earn interest. the crypto assets are automatically allocated between lending protocols such as compound and aave, depending on which protocol is offering the highest rate of interest. a 0.5% management fee is deducted when users withdraw their crypto assets from the gain platform, which is distributed to edda token holders.

decentralized exchange

eddaswap is a decentralized exchange with a core focus on security. eddaswap will facilitate permission-less listing and trading of crypto assets across blockchains such as ethereum, with added security features such as "liquidity lock", an optional feature whereby anyone that lists their token onto eddaswap will have the ability to lock in the liquidity for the token for a designated period of time. a part of the trading fees generated on eddaswap will be distributed to edda token holders.

decentralized launchpad

the decentralized launchpad will allow crypto projects to raise capital in a decentralized manner, and will provide edda token holders the opportunity to purchase tokens at seed or early stage valuations. the platform will utilize a decentralized vetting process, whereby any project seeking to raise capital will be required to create a prospectus containing all necessary information about the project, and edda token holders will vote on whether the project will be accepted onto the platform. edda token holders will have the exclusive right to invest in these projects, and the projects will be allowed the flexibility to offer unique investment structures and incentives.

non-fungible tokens (nft)

the nft platform is an integral part of the defibench ecosystem. defibench has partnered with leading global artists, designers and producers to create a specially curated collection of digital art and content that will be exclusively accessible to edda token holders. the ultimate aim is for the platform to facilitate the representation of unique, real world assets through tokenization on the blockchain.