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Launchpool connects varied stakeholders in the crypto industry, including funds, communities, marketers and experts, incentivising all.


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Milestones: LaunchPool

Mixsome Set to Blast Off Token Launch with Massive $500K Allocation on Launchpool

2021_04-02 00:04

About LaunchPool

Launchpool connects varied stakeholders in the crypto community; including funds, community, marketers and experts, incentivising all. Funds provide a portion of their deal flow to the Launchpool platform at prices exclusive to early investors. $LPOOL holders stake $LPOOL to access a related portion of the deal on offer. $LPOOL holders are a community of investors, growth hackers, influencers, experts, customers, traders and knowledgeable industry participants who combine to form an incentivised community around the project they have invested in. $LPOOL will be available as a free reward for staking various tokens on the Launchpool platform during the $LPOOL token distribution phase.


Liam Robertson

Liam Robertson

Founder & Chairman of the Investment Committee

Shane McQuillan

Shane McQuillan

Strategy Consultant

Richard Simpson

Richard Simpson

Chief Executive Officer

Eleanor Rooney

Eleanor Rooney


Oloyede Akinkunmi Simeon

Oloyede Akinkunmi Simeon

Marketing Specialist

Oladimeji Miracle

Oladimeji Miracle

Social Media Manager


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10,000,000 LPOOL

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Tue, Apr 6, 2021 8:44 PM


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Submit Insights

All projects are initially reviewed by in-house analysts, we look to consider a variety of parameters including but not exclusive to team, team experience in legacy sectors, team experience in crypto, problems they are looking to address, competition within the segment, community traction (if any), stage, other investors etc 


once they have been reviewed, they then get passed on to the investment council. who will then further determine, if there is potential. If they pass a meeting will be called with the team and an interview process begins. If all is good, Further legal DD is performed and an offer is made quite an extensive process involving many people and funds.

Media PR


LONDON, Feb. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Launchpool proudly announces the launch of its egalitarian crypto investing platform. The platform is backed by some of the industry's biggest players.

Launchpool: A group of crypto industry participants that pool together resources to launch projects. This project is in no way affiliated to Binance or the Binance Launchpool.

Why Launchpool Is Needed

Launchpool is a platform to stimulate blockchain adoption, project success, and everything you need to know about the crypto projects you invest in. The platform strives to bridge the gap between investors, project owners, community, experts, and general market participants to help new projects build for the future. Launchpool's collaboration with Alphabit, FBG, Protocol Ventures, Jun Capital, GBIC, Alpha Sigma Capital, Master Ventures and A195 Capital evoke credibility, trust, and dynamism towards project understanding, acceptance, and adoption.

How Launch Pool Will Incentivize Community and Adopters?

For Launchpool Token Holders

- Access to projects at the earliest rounds, enabling investors to access best prices without the associated minimum threshold reserved for investment funds.

- Peace of mind investments is made into bona fide projects that have been vetted on a number of levels.

- Chance to become a meaningful part of new project's communities.

For New Projects

- Promotion through association with some of the industry's most recognisable names.

- Leverage contacts and industry know-how of some of the most successful funds in the sector.

- A ready-made community keen to engage.

- A diverse customer base

- Capital

For Investment Funds

- Engaged communities that can leverage the power of the crowd and turbocharge growth hacking.

- Community curation and feedback. Deeper insights into why and how projects are successful.

- Secure more top quality projects.

- Opportunity to give something back and to be closer to the crypto community.

Media contact
Company: LaunchPool
Contact: Richard Simpson, CEO
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: 71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ

LONDON, ENGLAND / ACCESSWIRE / February 2, 2021 / Recently, Launchpool has announced the launching of its platform, which encourages egalitarian investment, harnessing the collective strength of everyone involved with the sole purpose of achieving the specific goals and objectives of any project.

Launchpool: noun - a group of crypto industry participants that pool together resources to launch projects.

This project is in no way affiliated to Binance or the Binance Launchpool.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.” The quote reflects the benefits attached to working in an organized structure for a common goal.

With Launchpool, industry pioneers, venture capitalists, developers, experts, leaders, and end-users are brought together on an equal footing, aligning incentives, creating equality, so that the sum of the constituents will be greater than its parts.

The platform provides opportunities to form an incentivized community around the project that they have invested in. This is done by giving the Launchpool platform a portion of the investment on exactly the same terms as early investors. This delivers equality among stakeholders; users can access the deal by using $LPT tokens, the native token of the Launchpool platform.

The token economy aligns and incentivizes all stakeholders involved in the system. Benefits will be accrue over time to those engaging most in the community of Launchpool and its projects. This reward process is termed Endeavour Reward and the $LPT will be dispersed across the community. The benefits embedded in Launchpool are segmented into three essential parts, each designed to directly approach and provide innovative solutions to the platform’s various defined users. The three key beneficiaries are Holders, New projects, and Investment Funds.


There will be an early staking period to allow any early investors to join in and start earning $LPT.

$LPT token holders will be availed of the opportunity to access projects at the initial rounds, enabling investors to obtain the best prices. Holders are also provided the peace of mind that their investment is in a bona fide crypto business that has been well vetted and has the backing of major industry players. The Launchpool platform will also grant holders the ability to be part of the communities that they have invested in. By doing so, members will get first access to beta releases. Their continued support to projects will be rewarded through the Endeavour Reward token pool. They can be actively involved in promoting and growth, thereby creating a vibrant community.


Brands who participate in the Launchpool are not left out as they can enjoy numerous benefits from the platform. For instance, promotion through association with some of the industry’s most notable names, leverage contacts and industry know-how of some of the most successful funds, a community eager to engage, and a vast customer base from diverse communities. And of course they can raise capital.

Just as the name implies, Launchpool will provide the launchpad for projects, taking away the stress-related factor in every brand’s initial developmental stage, with available tools to guide them in achieving their desired objective and individual goals.

The community is going to play a big part in the start and development process of new projects. Many experienced peers and advisors will be able to guide and advise projects to ensure the most beneficial path of success for themselves to maturity.


It is very clear that projects live and die on the back of their communities; engaged communities can leverage the crowd’s power and enhance growth hacking. Investment funds know this. Launchpool provides a platform for funds to engage and bootstrap communities for the projects they have invested in. Launchpool also offers investment funds, an avenue to secure more top-quality projects, an opportunity to give something back to the communities our industry thrives on, and to be closer to the crypto community. Feedback from Launchpool’s community will provide deeper insights into why and how projects thrive.


Launchpool is a vision to connect and grow varied stakeholders of the crypto community into one. The aim and objective is to benefit all users in a transparent manner, furthering the adoption of blockchain technology and creating the optimal platform for projects as they launch.

Media contact

Company: LaunchPool

Contact: Richard Simpson, CEO



Address: 71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ

SOURCE: Launchpool

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Launchpool Plans to Launch an Egalitarian Model for All Stakeholders


Launchpool : noun – A group of crypto industry participants who pool together resources to launch projects. The concept behind the project is to bring investors together, aligning all for the benefit of everyone and the project. Each investor is put on the same footing and given the same incentive to see the project grow, this will result in the betterment of the collective rather than a few individuals that is often the case. This project is in no way affiliated with Binance or the Binance Launchpool.

Introducing Launchpool

One of the most exciting projects brewing recently is Launchpool. With some really big names behind it LP has been gaining support from every corner of the industry.

This was achieved by bringing some of the biggest names in the space together. Each of the funds will provide part of their deal flow to the Launchpool community at the same price they paid and under the same vesting terms; this is what brings everyone onto the same footing and provides transparency in the tokenomics of each project.

The funds currently signed up are:

Alphabit, Alpha Sigma Capital, FBG, GBIC, Jun Capital, Master Ventures and A195 Capital.

Ultimately there is no way that having these funds share their purchases won’t provide a huge opportunity for the wider crypto community. Not only does it show the community which of the latest projects funds think will be successful but it also allows them to be exposed to the upside from the same level.

The Benefits for Projects and Investors

One of the most interesting parts of this is how much it will benefit projects who are accepted into the pool. Not only will projects have doors opened by some of the most well known funds in the space but they will also have access to an ever growing list of contacts as the community expands. One can also see this allowing much more cross community growth as the LPT will incentives investors to support all the projects that have been accepted into the pool.

The launch pool token is your gateway into this exciting ecosystem. By staking your LPT you are provided the equivalent percentage of tokens on offer from the project. For example if you staked $1,000 of LPT and the total value of the pool was $10,000 you’d receive the opportunity to purchase 10% of the tokens on offer from the new project. Launch pool has also limited the total staking from each wallet to $2500 helping to provide more people an opportunity to buy in and spread the potential gains, not just allowing them to end up in the hands of a few large whales.



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