Multi-chain privacy payment network

Lending Governance Protocol Pools

Exploit Network is Web3.0 multi-chain privacy payment network. Support Ethereum, BSC, Heco, Polkadot network



Milestones: ExploitNetwork

April 19th, EN landed on @Mdextech and @HBTCOfficial Hourglass with flowing sandOn April 26, EN liquidity mining was launched RocketOn May 10, landed on BSC and launched @PancakeSwap EN/BNB

2021_04-15 00:04

About ExploitNetwork

Exploit Network is a privacy payment network that realizes the cross-chain transfer of assets by deploying cross-chain bridges in multiple networks. Exploit Network is based on the efficiency of high-performance transmissions and focuses on protecting the user’s privacy. Exploit Network introduces the zk-ENSNARK-based EN-Protocol and EN-Shield anonymous payment systems which are privacy payment networks that can achieve high concurrency, excellent scalability, and secure privacy.






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